English for environmental professionals

9 març, 2017

English for environmental professionals

Have you ever undertaken a job interview in English? How do you feel when you have to make a presentation to an audience? Does a written report take you ages to complete when you have to write it in English?
If you use English for work, but you are struggling with it, this course can help you!


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IMPORTANT: A minimum knowledge of the English language (level B.1.) is required to participate in the course. To prove eligibility for your participation, please take the test here and send the result to escola.formacio@coamb.cat when you complete your registration.


NOTE FOR COMPANIES: This course can be subsidized through Fundae. Companies who enroll an employee in the course can get back the cost of the course, if they send the required documentation to escola.formacio@coamb.cat before April 19th.

Data d’inici: Dimarts, 02 maig 2017
Horari: 19 - 21 h
Lloc: COAMB. C/ Muntaner, 81, 6è 1a, Barcelona.
Data de finalització: Dimarts, 30 maig 2017


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Places disponibles: 18

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